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September | October 2014

Artist of The Month: 卓文萱 & 鹿晗

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Kris (Wu Yi Fan) reported to be in talks to sign on with Chinese agency, Hwai Brothers



Previously, Chinese media outlet, Sina, reported that Kris (Wu Yi Fan) was currently in friendly talks with one of the country’s biggest entertainment agencies, Hwai Brothers. More recently, Ilgan Sports released an exclusive to update on the situation about Kris’s management in China, reporting that Kris’s attempt to get into Hangeng's agency, YUEHUA, fell through, but he was on the brink of signing on with another large company, Hwai Brothers.

The exclusive cited one rep allegedly well informed on the latest in China. The rep stated on October 7, “Kris failed to sign a contract with Hangeng’s agency, YUEHUA,” explaining this was because YUEHUA felt burdened about signing on Kris in addition to Hangeng.

The rep continued, “It appears that Kris is going to be holding hands with Hwai Brothers instead of YUEHUA Entertainment. You can consider him at the stage right before stamping his seal on the contract.


Limited Edition of Genie Chuo’s new album includes specially designed headphones

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10月24日 東華大學

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